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What’s measured with antibody testing

Antibody tests, also called serological tests, help to measure current or past infection rates of COVID-19, and can be administered to large groups of people such as businesses, schools, and cities to indicate the total number of cases within the group or geographic area. 

When administered in accordance with proper protocols, antibody tests may be paired with RT-PCR tests and physician evaluations to help with early COVID-19 detection, which can assist in reopening state and local economies.  

Individuals who have been exposed to, and recovered from, COVID-19 will likely have antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in their blood, which may reduce their risk of exposure when returning to work.

Antibody tests can be administered quickly and inexpensively without lab testing, but have a higher risk of false-positive results than RT-PCR tests.  Because of this, they are most effective when administered on a recurring cadence, and as part of a larger testing protocol. 

In the months to come, as we reopen society and the economy, we will need to know how widespread COVID-19 infection has been in our population. Antibody tests are a cost-effective way to test many people, multiple times if needed without overburdening our healthcare heroes or risking transmission through unnecessary lab visits to generate critical data that employers and individuals can use to determine next steps.

The difference between antibody and PCR Tests

Antibody tests use a small sample of blood taken with a finger prick, and results are available in ten to twenty minutes. The test looks for IgM antibodies to indicate early immune response in people recently infected, and IgG antibodies to indicate later stage immune response in those who have recovered.

PCR tests use a small sample of your DNA taken with a nasal swab, and results are typically available in 3-10 days after a laboratory analysis. The test looks for the presence of viral nucleic acids and tells if a person is currently infected with the virus. 

It’s important to keep in mind the following:

Antibody tests and PCR tests are friends. They can be used together as part of a more comprehensive testing protocol.

PCR tests are often reserved for people currently showing symptoms.  Antibody tests can be taken by anyone.

Neither test is 100% accurate. Accuracy increases with two or more tests, and results should always be discussed with a physician.

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If we rely on social distancing alone, the economy will be shut down for 12 to 18 months, costing trillions of dollars. We can instead fully restart the economy by August through a program of diagnostic and serological testing

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How to work
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Contact us to order COVID-19 antibody tests, and choose bulk delivery or individual delivery.


A complete return-to-work protocol will be developed for you by our partner WorkSTEPS, based on your organization’s unique needs.


A medical team will be set up to administer the tests at your location, at nearby clinics, or at a drive-through facility.

We are Working
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How we approach group testing for COVID-19

Large quantities of test cards
We work closely with multiple FDA-authorized test card manufacturers to produce millions of new test cards every week, so that you can test your entire workforce or population.

Pricing Transparency
Antibody tests are less expensive than PCR tests or saliva tests ($35 each versus $150 each), and we are completely transparent with our pricing, charging only a small markup to cover our administrative costs.

Return-to-work protocols
We will help you implement a custom return-to-work protocol for your unique needs that reduces risk through regular antibody testing, temperature checks, virtual screenings, telehealth, contact tracing, PPE supplies, and more.

Convenient testing locations
Working with a network of over 1,200 clinics and medical professionals in all 50 states, we’ll help you set up testing at a nearby clinic, at a testing facility on site, or at a drive-through location that enables 15-minute in-car testing.

An evolving
unique solution

July ‘16


Vessel is founded to make at-home lab testing convenient and affordable for everyone.

$ 50

February ‘20

COVID-19 name is chosen for disease that comes from coronavirus.

March ‘20

WHO declares a worldwide pandemic. Vessel adapts its health app to work with antibody test cards, enabling at-home testing.

April ‘20

NYC begins daily in-clinic antibody testing for essential workers

April ‘20

Vessel starts clinical trials for at-home testing and secures additional manufacturing partners.


Businesses, cities, and states can place large orders of antibody test cards. We’ll help you set up a protocol for testing, and administer tests on-site, at drive-through facilities, or at a nearby clinic.

In 3-4 Weeks

Expected FDA approval for at-home tests using Vessel’s app.

Let’s work together to reopen businesses, cities, and states

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